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why train ?


In view of the increase of the aging population and dependence, the current challenge is to adapt the accommodation establishments, the objective being to improve the consideration of the needs for the acts of the social life of the elderly and / or disabled.

 The hairstyle does not escape this constraint. On the contrary, it is today one of the most appreciated animations and most necessary to revalorize the image and the self-esteem of this population. Faced with the loss of a sense of identity, hairdressing represents a special moment of pleasure, relaxation, exchange, socialization and the maintenance of dignity. These principles are also preferred by ANESM (National Agency for the Evaluation and Quality of Social and Medico-Social Institutions and Services).

However, the current standard equipment clearly shows a lack of adaptation to this new challenge. In addition, current hairdresser training does not support this human dimension. But you hairdressers, you are the cornerstone of maintaining the self-esteem of the person.


       Goals :


  • Acquire basic knowledge of the physiological, psychological and social needs of the elderly and disabled

  • Communicate more effectively with vulnerable people and all around them

  • Integrate a new way of working with new processes

  • Become familiar with new furniture adapted and become an architect of his space

  • Eliminate the painful postures you face and increase the comfort of the client

  • Make the service provider a privileged interlocutor in the world in which he evolves (no longer undergo the environment that is imposed on him but to make him the promoter of a new charter - revalorise his know-how)


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